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PCB Manufacturers in Bangalore, India

Who We Are

SVR Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is professional and reliable PCB supplier with own production. We are a leading PCB manufacturer in Karnataka , India. We are situated in Bangalore. Based on its rich experience and technology understanding, with own production capability and centralized resource locally, we are able to offer you one‐stop service with small, medium to mass production with competitive terms, quality and delivery assurance that customized all your request. Our extensive PCB product portfolio offers from conventional FR4, Aluminium PCB, FPC, Rigid‐Flex PCB, heavy copper, long board, thin board and other exotic PCBs in standard delivery time and quick‐turn service.

Service and Quality Excellence

Our Product quality, services, innovations, excellent technical support and after-sale services are second to none in the industry. Over the years, we have achieved good progress in areas of manufacturing technologies and will continue to provide our customer with high quality products and competitive prices.


To provide only the best service to our clients, we use high-end, top of the line equipment in our manufacturing process. As one of leading printed circuit board manufacturers based in India, SVR Technologies has been offering world market with quick turn high-quality PCB Manufacturing services at a reasonable price for 9 years. To provide customers with more professional and advanced circuits boards, we’re committed to adhering to the strictest standards during our PCB manufacturing process, we’ re fully compliant with the quality management system.

Single Layer PCB Manufacturers in Bangalore

Single Layer PCB

The materials normally used for single sided PCBs are Paper-phenolic, Ceramic, Glass-epoxy and Aluminium backed laminate over which there will be a copper layer. Our single sided PCBs are being used in automotive, mobile charger, lighting & power supply industries

Double Layer PCB Manufacturers in Bangalore

Double Layer PCB

The materials normally used are Glass-epoxy, Ceramic, Teflon, etc.  Our double sided PCBs are being used in all applications / segments of markets, mainly automotive, communication, power electronics, etc.

Connected Globally

We Cater and extend our services to MNCs who are OEM-based manufacturer throughout Globe